Universal Spark of Noah

There are 7 Universal Laws of Spirituality that were commanded to Noah and his descendants. These laws are essential to all mankind and if observed properly, individuals and nations would be truly righteous. Furthermore, Jewish Law maintains that the ”righteous among the nations” merit the world to come (what is commonly called in English “Heaven”). The details and deeper meanings of these laws are complex and trans-formative, and so this group meets on a regular basis to delve into these concepts and experience their grandeur.

The transmission of the 7 Laws of Noah is part of a responsibility to be a “light unto nations”. We welcome people from all backgrounds who want to understand the “Laws of Universal Spirituality” as commanded to Adam and Noah and then reiterated to Moshe (Moses) as an eternally binding path of Spirituality for the nations of the world.

For information on classes, events, please visit our American Noahide webservice.