Whether it’s in a concert hall, a coffee shop, or a backyard bonfire, one thing is certain: wherever Rabbi Ingber goes, music is sure to follow. Using ancient poems and his own compositions, Rabbi Ingber creates an environment of joy and meditation for his audience. With the release of his second full-length album, SaFire Sky, Rabbi Ingber has made this experience available to people everywhere.



“Classic and Contemporary Rock styles are blended and infused with deep spiritual lyrics that will relate to you and your world. The songwriting has the creative power of songs written in the 60’s but with musical and technological innovations of today.”

-CDBaby official review

“I have searched for and listened to all types of Jewish music, and have yet to find a CD with this many good songs, so well-produced. Religious without being sappy, and musically excellent. In my regular CD rotation permanently.”


“If your loved DYB and miss the melding of cool themes with a great spectrum of styles you”ll love Safire Sky… I find myself swaying to it on the ipod and it”s a univerally agreed upon album with the family in the car, even after a few months of heavy play….enjoy.”


Purchase SaFire Sky here. Also available on iTunes and on Google Play.

Rabbi Ingber is available to play music at simchas, concerts, community events, and retreats. For booking or more information, please email us at