Jewish Atlanta

The Kehilla

the_kehillaKehilla means community and that is exactly what The Kehilla is: a warm community that inspires growth. Visit the Kehilla website here.

Founded in 2009, The Kehilla in Sandy Springs is home to a diverse congregation where everyone is welcomed and accepted for who they are, whatever their level of Jewish observance. The Kehilla is also not a complacent congregation; we believe that everyone wants to grow. This includes many young couples and new families who have been attracted by the many benefits of Jewish life in Sandy Springs as well as the opportunity to learn and grow with a community of peers.\r\n\r\nShabbat services include a joyous Carlebach style Kabbalat Shabbat with singing and dancing. On Shabbat day, services are followed by a full kiddush lunch, so congregants can stay to eat, chat, sing, and enjoy their Shabbat meal together. Many congregants return to shul Shabbat afternoon for a sit-down seudah shlishit and interactive parsha class. Every Shabbat ends with a community havdalah service.

Classes at The Kehilla cater to all levels of learning, ranging from introductory classes to advanced halacha and gemara shiurim. Classes are available on topics in halacha, musar, chassidus, history, philosophy, and more. Regular events include weeknight dinner classes, community Friday night dinners, and weekend social events. Active men’s and women’s clubs also hold regular events. Since many of our congregants are new parents, programming for children and parents is growing along with our congregation. On Shabbat, babysitting is available for small children as well as Shabbat programming for older children.

Tribe Atlanta

Visit the Tribe Atlanta Facebook page to stay up to date on Jewish events in Atlanta!

The mission of Tribe Atlanta is to provide fun, exciting and inspiring programs that will allow young Jews to connect to their Jewish roots in a wide variety of ways. Tribe Atlanta recognizes that young adults are motivated in different ways and so we strive to create a plethora of entry points for young adults to experience the beauty of being Jewish. These events will include social events where young Jews can get to know each other and bond, learning programs that are dynamic, accessible and relevant, social action events to express our concern for the greater community, Jewish holiday and spiritual events to touch the depth of Jewish life and good old fun and uniting events to celebrate life. Through our inspiring classes, programs, and events, Tribe Atlanta will bond an ever growing group of Young Adults in Atlanta in an open, warm, and tolerant environment and build a unique and empowered young adult community.


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J-Link provides programs and events where Jews in their 30”s and 40”s can connect to each other and together enhance their life experiences. We develop creative programs with music, art, spirituality, and relationship building that allows us to grow as individuals and as a community.