About the Inner Spark Foundation

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The mission of The Inner Spark Foundation is to share deep and meaningful Jewish thought and experience in an open, dynamic and exciting way that is accessible to all. Our approach to teaching and learning engages people on all levels and from all backgrounds because we relate to the inner essence of the individual and translate the loftiest messages into user friendly terms. We believe that everyone wants to grow spiritually but it requires recognizing the individuals” needs and challenges, and offering a tailor made next step for them to grow. And so we carefully craft events, counseling advice and classes to suit your personal needs. We are determined to dispel any misconceptions about Judaism worldwide and to share with everyone the timeless treasure of our legacy to help people improve the quality of their lives.

About Rabbi Ingber

about_rabbi_ingberRabbi Karmi Dovid Ingber was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1962. His parents are Holocaust survivors from Czechoslovakia. He spent twenty years in Israel, teaching advanced studies for Rabbis at Ner LeElef (Institute), Shearim, Midreshet Tehillah, Bircat HaTorah and several other institutions. While in Israel, Rabbi Ingber met his wife Elisheva. They have seven children, four of whom currently reside in Israel and the youngest three at home with their parents.\n\nRabbi Ingber trained in Israel with leading sages and kabbalists, holds a master’s degree in counseling and psychology, and is an experienced therapist. An accomplished musician, Rabbi Ingber joined the Diaspora Yeshiva Band in Israel and later formed his own group called Remez along with an ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer, Artimus Pyle. His first CD was entitled Message in a Dream. And his follow up album is the highly acclaimed recording called SaFire Sky. Following twenty years in Israel, the Ingber family relocated to Montreal, Canada, where they established the Montreal Jewish Experience an organization dedicated to reconnecting young Jews to their timeless heritage.\n\nIn 2009, the Ingber family made their home in Sandy Springs, Georgia, with the overarching mission of generating a close-knit Jewish community. The Kehilla is the product of this vision. Rabbi Ingber and Elisheva have created a community in which Jewish people from varied backgrounds come and feel comfortable in their religious practice and observance. Rabbi Ingber’s dynamic style fosters a community where individual attention and respect are first and foremost. Rabbi Ingber’s congregational leadership focuses on reflective learning and ruach-filled services and his outreach efforts are embodied in his work and mission. For more information about Rabbi Ingber or the Inner Spark Foundation, please email us at about@karmiingber.com